Marine For Life Application:  

Veterans and Veteran Supporters!

Become a Marine For Life Program NETWORK RESOURCE!  Network Resources are Veterans or Marine friendly persons, representing themselves or their business, who assist our Honorably Discharged Marines transitioning to our communities as Veterans.

Our new Veterans contact Network Resources by name for information.  Once they are settled in, they become a Network Resource themselves.  Fill out the form below and email it today!

Semper Fi!


Yes, I want to be a Marine for Life Program Network Resource, using my name and position to assist Transitioning Marines, and be listed on the website

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     Employment Resource
     Adult Education
     Military Issues/Benefits
     Family Resource Support
     Community Information

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Email this form and $31 to: Commandant Tim Baranzyk at email address:
or call (414) 604 - 2366 for more information

Once a Marine, Always a Marine