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Patriotism: Love of God and Country
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Commandant Timothy Baranzyk

PAST Commandant Timothy Baranzyk

We, the members of Badger Detachment 348, welcome all Marines in good standing to contact and join our detachment.  If you would like to be a part of this organization, please contact:

Tim Baranzyk- SCOOP EDITOR
    3560 S. 81st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53220
    Home: (414) 604 - 2366
    Fax: (414) 604 - 2365


Commandant:  ROY ISAKSEN

Sr. Vice Commandant:  PETE RUSSO               

Jr. Vice Commandant:  JIM HAASE

Chaplain: EARL DAVIDSON                             

Adjutant:  Connie Sixty

Paymaster:  Connie Sixty                                       

Judge Advocate:  Jerry Roberts

Sgt. At Arms / Database:  DON MONSON                     

Service/Legislation: Paul Bialk

Public Relations: Clayton Chipman                          

The Few, The Proud ...