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"We make a significant investment in our Marines, we need to keep the best of them ... For those who choose to leave active duty, we can improve assistance in their transition to civilian life while reemphasizing the value of an Honorable Discharge."

-General James L. Jones
32nd Commandant
of the Marine Corps

Program Information: Mission:
  • Improves transition assistance.
  • Catalyzes informal relationships.
  • Harnesses a self-perpetuating resource.
  • Improves readiness, morale, quality of life and the accomplishment of "Making America's Marines to win the nation's battles and creating quality citizens."
  • Supports and strengthens recruiting and retention across future generations by providing tangible evidence of the intangibles of being a Marine.
  • Strengthens and advances ethos of "Once a Marine, Always a Marine."
  • Supports and contributes to the Marine Corps' responses to disaster relief, homeland defense, and mobilizations.

3280 Russell Road
Quantico, Virginia  22134
(703) 784 - 9136/7/8/9
DSN: 278 - 9136/7/8/9

Provide sponsorship for our more than 27,000 Marines each year who honorably leave active service and return to civilian life in order to nurture and sustain the positive, mutually beneficial relationships inherent in our ethos "Once a Marine, Always a Marine."

From the Corps to the community.

The Marine For Life program is setup to improve transition assistance through the implementation of the following resources nation-wide and over seas.

For more information, select the M4L Web Site link.

  • Official Marine Corps presence in hometown America:

    • 1,453 Recruiting Facilities

    • 183 Reserve Sites

  • Marine-affiliated organizations

  • Marine Family around the globe:

    • Retired and other veteran Marines (including those not members of Marine-affiliated organizations)

    • Marine-friendly organizations, businesses, and individuals

Commandant's Intent:

... includes initiatives involving commanders and Marine Corps culture, but its groundbreaking element will be the creation of an assistance network of and for Marine Corps "alumni."

If you would like to be a part of the Commandant's Marine For Life network and help out Marines transitioning back to the Milwaukee area, or if you would like more information, please contact the Milwaukee Hometown Link (info provided below).  Follow this link to a printable application, fill it out, and fax it to the number shown below:

Lt Col Fritz Meilke
Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center

2401 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, WI  53207
Phone:  (414) 651 - 8926
Fax:  (414) 481 - 0241

Marines As Civilians:  

27,000 United States Marines honorably return to the civilian workforce each year.  As the Hometown Link between the Marine and the Community, Marines help nurture positive, mutually beneficial relationships around the world.

4-30 Years of Service:

  • Leaders with Proven Abilities and Skills

  • Disciplined

  • Physically Fit and Drug Free

  • Security Clearance Screened

Cross Section of Workforce Skills:

  • Management experience

  • Computer/LAN Experience

  • Traditional Blue Collar Skills

Goal Oriented Achievers:

  • Individual Work Ethic

  • Mature and Responsible

  • Teamwork

Educated and Education Potential:
  • 98% are High School graduates
  • Specialized Training for All
  • College and Advanced Degrees
  • Post-service College Benefits

All Rungs of the business Ladder:

  • 80% are Sergeants or below
  • 8% are Staff Non-commissioned Officers
  • 10% are Captains or below

The Few ... The Proud!