This is family.  Ours is a kinship as old as a nation, hammered from countless battles and long years.  Together, we have known pain, victory, and a trust few others will ever experience.  This is our Corps.  This is our way.  Always Faithful:  Semper Fi!

Serving America: Badger Detachment 348.  Semper Fi.

"I encourage all Marines to celebrate the camaraderie, enrichment, and fulfillment of service with men and women subordinated to a greater cause: preparing for an exciting future and extending the legacy of our great Corps."

General, U.S. Marine Corps


Section (1): Business Meetings

  1. For the purpose of transacting the business of the Detachment, there shall be a regular monthly meeting of the membership, on the first Thursday evening of each month.

Section (2): Special Meetings

  1. A special meeting of the Detachment can be called by the Adjutant:

    1. upon request of the Commandant

    2. upon written request of the Majority of the Staff

    3. upon written request of ten (10) percent of the members.

  2. Such meetings shall only be called by notice in writing, addressed and posted to the last known address of each member, giving the place, date and hour, plus the object of said special meeting.

  1. Such notice shall bear a postmark not later than four days prior to the proposed meeting.  Such special meeting shall be confined to the object thereof.

Section (3): Nominations

  1. Nomination for officers shall be held annually at the regular month of April meeting.  Additional nominations for office can be made from the floor on election night.  Names of nominees and the office involved, shall be published in the May Scoop.

Section (4): Elections

  1. Election of Detachment officers shall be held annually, at the regular month of May Meeting.  All members in good standing, shall be eligible for election to any Detachment office.

Section (5): Quorum

  1. Any ten (10) members in good standing, shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business of the Detachment.

Officer's Title: Name: Address: City/State: Phone No. Fax No. EMail:
Commandant / Scoop Editor Tim Baranzyk 3560 S. 81st Street Milwaukee, WI  53220-1020 (414) 604-2366 (414) 604-2365
Senior Vice Commandant Steve Stockwell 717 Heather Ct. Grafton, WI


Junior Vice Commandant Pete Russo 1421 N. 70th Street Wauwatosa, WI (414)-475-0885    
Chaplain Maureen Hornung N168 W19939 Ridgeway Ct Jackson, WI  53037 (262) 677 - 1680    
Paymaster Connie Sixty W243 N2358 Saddlebrook Dr #301 Pewaukee, WI  53072 (262) 523 - 0852
Adjutant / Historian Connie Sixty W243 N2358 Saddlebrook Dr #301 Pewaukee, WI  53072 (262) 523 - 0852
Sgt at Arms Gerry Millard 4466 N. Mayfair Rd. Wauwatosa, WI. 53225 (414)-559-9598    
Judge Advocate Jerry Roberts 8146 Stickney Av. Wauwatosa, WI. 53213 (414)-475-7141    
Service Officer Paul Bialk 5350 S. 110th Hales Corners, WI  53130 (414) 425 - 1619    

Send all Adr to Service Officer

Chief of staff Richard Talatzko 18085 W. Thornapple Ln New Berlin, WI  53146 (262) 784 - 9680    
Aide de Camp Dan Meleski 2757 S. 51st St. Mil, WI. 53219 (414) 328-0599    
Color Guard / DI / Parades Cliff Coats 1315 Fleetwood Dr., #109 Waukesha, WI 53186 (262) 574 - 6984    
Quartermaster Bradley Hamilton 12632 W. Euclid New Berlin, WI. 53151 (414)-915-4085    
Public Relations Clayton Chipman     (262) 781 - 0578    
Jr. Past Commandant Mick Olson 5032 W. Colonial Ct. Greenfield, WI  53220 (414) 327 - 5529    
Rifle Squad Ralph Ast          
POW / MIA Jim Ferrier     (414) 385 - 9734  

(414) 318 - 9633

SC WI Young Marines Tim Baranzyk 3560 S. 81st Street Milwaukee, WI  53220-1020 (414) 604-2366 (414) 604-2365
SE WI Young Marines John Sbordone     (414) 257 - 2184    
Rose Program T. Baranzyk, D. Talatzko        
Awards P. Bialk, C. Chipman        
Finance Connie Sixty        

For more information, please contact:  

Paymaster:  Connie Sixty at
Adjutant:  Connie Sixty at