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Help your widow while she's still your wife: (ladies, this applies to you too!)

If you died today, would your wife know what to do and would she be in a position to immediately take advantage of her benefits?  The following are things that should be done while you're alive:

  1. Obtain three copies of your Marriage Certificate
  2. Obtain at least three copies of your DD-214 certified by the military if a veteran
  3. Obtain certified copies of all terminations of previous marriages either by divorce or death
  4. Convert all bank accounts to joint that you would want her to have access to
  5. Obtain a credit card and checking account in her name only to establish credit
  6. Make a will of some type.  Prepare instructions as to how you would like your remains disposed of

Below are some of the questions your surviving spouse will be asked to answer upon your death:

  1. Did your spouse previously apply to the VA for any benefits?  If so, what is the VA file number and where is the file located?
  2. Where was your spouse born?
  3. What are the exact dates and places your spouse entered active Federal Service, and service number(s) other than social security number signed?
  4. What are the exact dates and places your spouse was separated from or retired from active Federal Service?
  1. Grade, rank, or rating, organization, and branch of service for answers to 4 above
  2. Did veteran serve under a name other than his present name?  If so, what was that name?
  3. What are the dates, places and names of persons to whom your spouse was previously married and any children beget by those marriages?
  4. What are the dates, places and reasons that the previous marriages were terminated?  Do you have all the divorce decrees for your spouse and yourself?  Where?
  5. What is your spouse's father's name and mother's maiden name?
  6. Where is the will?
  7. Did your spouse have insurance?  What are the policy numbers, and the names and address of the companies?
  8. Did your spouse have RSFPP/SBP?
  9. Where is your spouse's latest leave and earnings or retired pay statement
  10. Did your spouse have a safe deposit box?  Where?
  11. Did your spouse have stocks or money in a savings or banking organization?  Where?  What is (are) the account number(s)?  Is (are) it (they) individual or joint account(s)?
  12. Do you have the original or certified copy of your marriage certificate?  Do you have the original or notarized copy of your family register?  Where?
  13. Do you have the original or certified copies of birth certificates for your spouse, yourself and all your children?  Where?
  14. Do you have original or certified copies of all DD Forms 214 for your spouse?  Where?
  15. Do you have original or certified copies of adoption certificates and original naturalization certificate(s)?  Where?
  16. Are there any relatives in the U.S. that should be notified of your spouse's death?  What are the names, relationship, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address?
Don't just read this!  Start working on it today!  If you have any questions on how to proceed, contact your local DAV National Service Office or VA Regional Office.

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